Timber Home Living; Special Edition of Kitchen and Bath Design for Martel Residence


Timber Home Living; Special Edition of Kitchen and Bath Design for Martel Residence


Client; Bill Bacon, Custom Home Residence

"Chris is extremely innovative architect...he has the gift of thinking outside the box.

I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone considering to build a custom home!!"


Client; Randy Kurzman, Kurzman Architecture

"I have worked closely with Christopher for the past several years starting in 2010 where we
have collaborated on many projects including most recently the high-end men’s retail store
Ermenegildo Zegna on Michigan Avenue in Chicago which involved complex 3-dimensional
design of new stair with cable sculpture, elevator extension, new curtain wall glazing system, 
and complex integration of custom millwork with very tight field tolerances to prepare the field
construction for receiving and installing pre-fabricated millwork coming from China.  
Chris has also worked with me in developing company standards of practice including webbased
project management and communication systems, “cloud” based file-sharing, and new
standards in shop drawing review using 3D-modeling techniques in resolving fabrication
detailing that is often time not clear in standard 2D shop drawings.  
Chris is an industry leader in 3-dimensional design and documentation and construction where
he became proficient in the required computer software tools to implement this approach from
the early inception of this type of software when it became available and is ahead of the curve
in the industry in adopting and using these state-of-the art techniques. He is constantly in
search of better and more efficient ways of doing architecture and building and is committed to
details that work physically as well as aesthetically with full awareness of cost implications of
materials and the relative ease or difficulty of executing the details in the field per his
construction experience as contractor-architect.  
You would do well to have Christopher on your team and may very well go wrong without him."